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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

How to read deleted message on whatsapp 2020

WhatsApp Messenger is a popular platform for instant messaging almost every person uses this App but there an option where you can undo your send message which you send to your friends or relatives. but these features sometimes very useful for us when someone sends a wrong message unfortunately to the wrong person.
How to read deleted message on whatsapp

When your friends send you a message and just a few seconds he deletes that message after that you will see some notification like "this message was deleted" and after seeing this message our curiosity is increased to know that what was the message exactly which has deleted. but you can't see that message because it is deleted. How to read that deleted message?

Here is an App which name is Notisave which will help you to save your all notification after that you can see that notification at any time. because this application saves your all notification in it.

Main Features of Notisave App :

  • Autosave notification is shown on noti-bar
  • Keep your Notibar clean
  • Search notifications from all apps in one place.

Here is how to download and use Notisave to read the deleted message of WhatsApp.

Step 1 :

First of all, you have to Download Notisave App from Play Store for your smartphone.
Download notisave
Download Notisave App

Step 2 : 

Open the Notisave App and give them all required permission and there is a Block notification feature that helps you to clean the notification bar of your smartphone. here you can enable or disable notification that shows on your main notification bar according to your need. There is Option where you can categorize and manage your different app notification in different Groups. New, All, Chat, Shop, and SNS these groups are available by default in Notisave App you can edit or delete these groups in the "Edit Group" Option and you can create a new group when you touch on "+" sign.

Step 3 :

When you go in "settings" option where will see two categories General and Privacy in General category here you will see "Switch theme" and "Switch status bar theme" options if you want dark theme just enable this feature and if you want to clean all your notification from Notisave App then just click on the "Clear data" option after that you all saved notification will be deleted.

Step 4 :

As we know that Privacy is the No. 1 priority so there is a "Passcode" option you have to enable this which will help you to protect your confidential notification.

Step 5 :

When someone sends you a message on WhatsApp and after a few seconds he deletes that message if you have this app then you can see that message.

watch this video for more information


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