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Monday, September 2, 2019

VMOS Lets You Run a Virtual Android Machine on your Phone | VOMS Android

Virtual Machine Operating System (VMOS) is an Application Software based on Virtual Machine. This VMOS can activate Root in just a single touch. if you want to run the rooted app then this VMOS helps you through this you can easily convert your unrooted Android Phone into the rooted phone but you don't need to root your Android Phone Actually. That means this Root Environment is created by an App Which name is VMOS. This is a free app you can easily download from the Play Store.
VMOS Lets You Run a Virtual Android Machine on your Phone

As you know when you Root your Android Phone then can get more control on your device in Rooted devices you can control your phone performance and change its default settings according to your need but when you change these settings if you not done its settings correctly then your smartphone might be facing some critical issues because of this almost every smartphone company block this Root feature but you can enable this feature easily. 
This VMOS App installs as a normal app and you can use this for Games in which you can get more control settings on that or rooted applications which is work only on rooted Mobile phones. VMOS comes with an Android 5.1.1 version. when you install any app in VMOS, it uses your local storage to install any application. You can easily manage VMOS storage in the setting.

System Requirement :

  • 32 GB Phone Storage for better performance
  • Minimum 3 GB RAM
  • Phone OS is higher or equal to Android 5.1
Note: VMOS virtual root android, After a lot of updates in this app, I noticed that VMOS camera, VMOS wifi, and VMOS root features has been removed by its developer. In the latest update, there is no root option in VMOS available that means if you installed this app and then use this app may you will not see the developer option due to this you will not be able to root your phone with this VMOS app so if you still want to root your phone by this app then you need to install its old version and then you can see all features of this app but in the latest version of this app lots of the useful features has been excluded like- Wi-Fi connectivity feature and maybe its developer option so please use old version of VMOS app so that you can use its all features.

How We Can Root Any Mobile Phones by VMOS App?

Step 1 :

Download VMOS App from the Play Store and open VMOS app it will take to unzip the package.

Step 2 :

Click on the "Setting" option and then you will see VMOS Setting and System Setting.

Step 3 :

Click on "System Setting", Search (scroll down) for "Developer Option". If Developer Option does not appear then touch on the "About Phone" option and then tap on the "Build number" Option at least 5-10 times after that your Developer Option Opens.
VMOS Lets You Run a Virtual Android Machine on your Phone

Step 4 :

Open the "Developer Option" and search for the Root option and enable this option. and done now your Rooted environment is ready to use.
VMOS Lets You Run a Virtual Android Machine on your Phone

Here you can see the proof of root you can also check after Download the Root Checker Application from the Play Store.

-: See this video for more information:-

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  1. In this vmos blog you told that we can download older version of vmos to get features like wifi access , camera etc. Do you know the exact version in which it was there like wifi and many more it will be great


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