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Monday, October 28, 2019

Now Get Rangoli and Flower stamps in Google Pay | Google Pay Rangoli Stamp

If you still don't have rangoli or flower stamp, Don't worry here Google Pay has boost these two rare stamps for you today so that you can take the benefit of Google pay Diwali offer 2019.
Now Get Rangoli and Flower stamps in Google Pay
You just need to do a mobile recharge or pay your bill through your Google pay app. As Google Pay's tweet "Diwali Special: 50 Lakh Flower and Rangoli stamps up for grabs today!"

If you looking for a Flower stamp then you have to Gift your existing stamp to your friends who are on Google pay but when you send gift a unique user then you will get return gift as a stamp but again send stamp to those friends whose you send a stamp already then you will not get any return stamp. The flower stamp is easy to collect by gifting your stamp to your friends. But Rangoli is a scarce stamp for this you must have to do a Mobile Recharge or Pay bill through Google Pay then you will get a rangoli stamp, as Google Pay says.

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