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Thursday, December 26, 2019

How to setup Cloudflare CDN on Blogger & boost loading speed

Cloudflare is the best free CDN. If you wish to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) on your blogger site so that the speed of the website is boosted. CDN is very helpful for Search engine optimization (SEO) because it reduces the website's loading time. 
How to setup Cloudflare CDN on Blogger & boost loading speed
As you know that if any website takes more time to load its content on any platform, then that type of website get lower position on Google Search Engine Result that means when someone searches any query on google search and when your website takes more time to load on the user's device, then, in this case, your website's page will not appear in the top position of google search engine result.
Google search bots do not suggest such a website to everyone and because of this, you will get less Organic traffic. If your website has good loading speed then your website will be easily ranked on Google. Website loading speed affects the user experience if he has a low-speed internet connection in that situation google bot suggests that type of website for any query which can load easily in user devices so that he can get the answer to his query. If you want the speed of your website to be good at all times, then you have to use CDN, due to which the speed and security of your website will remain both.

What is the Content delivery network (CDN) and how does it work?

A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a geographically distributed network of server and their data center. The aim is to provide high availability and high performance by distributing the service to the end-users. CDNs are a layer in the internet ecosystem. 
In simple language, CDN works in such a way as if all the data on your website is not kept in one place, rather it is copied in many places in the data centers, and whenever a user requests a query from any country which the data center will be available in the nearest country, that users will get access from your website and from there all the information that they want from your website can read easily.

How to setup Cloudflare CDN on Blogger & boost loading speed
Cloudflare is the best free CDN you can use to boost your website loading speed. CDN provides security and speed boost to your websites.

Here is how you can set up Cloudflare on your blogger sites:

If you have a default domain that means you use "" then you can't set up the Cloudflare CDN on this domain because Cloudflare does not accept this type of domain but if you have a custom third party domain then which is connected to your blogger account then you can easily add Cloudflare CDN which is free with some limited feature but its free version is enough for beginner level blogger.

Advantage of CDN

  • Improving Page Speed
  • Handle high traffic
  • Block spammers and bots
  • Reduce bandwidth consumption
  • Website protection from DDoS Attack

Step 1

Go to the website and Sign up with any email id.

Step 2

Now add your blogger's custom domain like "" Click on the "+Add Site" option and add your domain after that you have to select the "Free" plan and then click on the "confirm plan".

Step 3

Now Cloudflare fetching all DNS records of your domain name like CNAME Records and A-Records which is you have already added in your domain Record in GoDaddy if you buy your domain from GoDaddy. Now Click on the "Continue" option and then select the "Continue with default" option.

Step 4

Now you have to log in to that accounts from where you have purchased your domain name e.g. GoDaddy. Now login GoDaddy account and go to your domain DNS Record here you will see the "Nameserver" section. Now click on the change option and now replace GoDaddy's Nameserver with Cloudflare Nameserver in both columns and save all the settings, wait for a few minutes now you can check your website page speed in Google Page Speed inside definitely you will see amazing speed boost to your websites.

[Watch this video for Tutorial]

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