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Saturday, January 25, 2020

How to add Watermark to YouTube video 2020

Youtube Channel branding, If you are a YouTuber or a youtube video creator and you want to add the logo or watermark in all your youtube videos then there is a way through which you can add your youtube channel logo on your every youtube video which already published on youtube.
How to add Watermark to YouTube video
As you know that youtube is the second largest search engine in the world where you can find all types of videos even in your regional languages because of youtube content creators. If you want that your youtube channel looks like a professionals youtube channel then you must have to use the youtube channel branding feature. In Branding feature there is an option in which you can add your youtube channel logo and this logo will show on your video when someone watching your video and its look like a professional videos and of you want to know how to apply this feature on our channel then you just need to follow some few steps after that you can easily add your channel logo on every video which you have uploaded on your youtube channel.

How to Add Your Channel Logo on Your YouTube Video?

Step 1:

First of all, Open any Browser and log in your youtube channel in your browser because this option will only show on the Desktop version (view), not in the Mobile version. But you don't have a desktop or laptop and if you want to do this with your mobile phone, you can do it but you need to open your browser in desktop mode on your mobile phone. Almost every mobile browser comes with a desktop view feature. You can use the "Google Chrome" Browser on your desktop or laptop or on your mobile phone to doing this.

Step 2:

Now open "Youtube Studio", to do this click on your youtube channel logo on the top right corner then select the "Youtube Studio" option.
How to add Watermark to YouTube video

Step 3:

Now Click on the "Settings" and then "Channel" Option here you will see three options "Basic info", "Advanced Settings" and "Branding" option. now go to the "Branding" option and here you will see the "Add your logo" option. Here you have to add your channel logo and if you wanted to your logo over the entire video then choose the "Entire video" option and then click on the Save button. I recommended you to use a PNG form of your logo but if your logo has some background color or texture then you can use it as it is.
How to add Watermark to YouTube video

If you want to remove white background from your logo then you must read the below post.

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Advantage of Using Channel Branding Feature

If you use this feature on your youtube channel then you will see a watermark logo on your every video and when someone clicks on this watermark logo then he will see a subscribe button of your youtube channel and if your viewer likes your video then he can subscribe your channel. The watermark logo of your video will look only when someone watching your video on full-screen mode on desktop or on landscape mode in Mobile phones.
How to add Watermark to YouTube video


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