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Friday, January 10, 2020

Newly Snake Ransomware detected targets all Connected devices

Snake Ransomware is malware Which is recently discovered by the 'MalwareHunterTeam' which shared it with ethical hacker 'Vitali Kremez' for its reverse engineer. Vitali Kremez is a Cybercrime Subject matter expert and he is an Ethical Hacker and Reverse Engineer.
Newly Snake Ransomware detected targets all Connected devices
Newly Snake Ransomware detected targets all Connected devices
After analysis of this ransomware, Vitali Kremez revealed that it is written in 'Golang' or 'Go Programming Language' and contains a higher level of complication. Once Snake ransomware enters one device after that all connected devices are infected with this snake ransomware and When Snake Ransomware enters in the Business's network then it removes all the 'Shadow volume copies' which stored on the connected computers and then forcibly stopped a number of processes related to SCADA System, Industrial control, Virtual Machines, network management software, remote management tool and more. SCADA is an acronym for 'Supervisory control and data acquisition', a computer system for gathering and analyzing real-time data. SCADA System is used to monitor and control equipment in industries like Telecommunications, Energy, water and waste control, oil and gas refining and so many other transportations.
Snake ransomware start the encryption process by using two algorithms one is AES-256 another is RSA-2048 algorithm and snake ransomware adds a random 5 symbol or character string to the file extension or filename and it also changes the 'EKANS' file marker (EKANS is SNAKE in reverse of all encrypted files).
Once every file of the computer has been encrypted then the program creates a ransom note or file on the computer (C:\Users\Public\Desktop directory) and the name of that file is "Fix-Your-Files.txt". This Note contains an email address to contact the cybercriminal who will provide a decrypted tool that contains a private key specifically for the user's network. The main aim of its criminal(Hacker) is to take a huge amount for its decryption key and make much money.

I remember that when I heard the first time about ransomware malware named WannaCry or WCry on 15 May 2017. At that time WannaCry ransomware affected almost 213,000 computers only in 112 Countries and it was a very big number. Even at that time, the intention of the hacker was to encrypt all the files of the user's computer and instead demand a lot of money from the user and if the users did not meet their demand, then they would delete all their important data or files.
After WannaCry ransomware, ransomware malware is seen in the same way on the internet, whose job is to encrypt the user's file and instead demand some money from it, and then we will delete all the files and you cannot open them whenever your files are encrypted. Whenever you want to decrypt your encrypted files you should have a decryption key.

How can you protect your computer from malware?

  • Keep your system up to date so that every security flaw will be patched.
  • You have to use Genuine Software.
  • In your computer, install antivirus software and keep update it regularly.
  • Never open unknown emails that generally kept it in your spam folder.
  • Never open unknown URL Links, you can use online website safety checker tools if you are not your to open link or website.


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