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Monday, February 10, 2020

How to mirror Android Screen to PC with internal Audio using Apowermirror 2021 | Get Free VIP Version of Apowermirror App

Apowermirror Software for phone screen mirror, If you looking for such an application or software through which you can mirror your android screen to Pc or iPhone Screen to pc then Apowermirror is the best application or software for you. Apowermirror is Mirroring software that helps you to mirror your phone screen to the computer using Wi-Fi or Using USB.
Screen to PC with internal Audio
If you are searching on google for how to mirror android to pc, how to mirror android to pc using USB, the best screen mirroring app for android to pc, how to mirror mobile screen to pc using a USB cable, how to cast the android screen on pc, fastest way to mirror android screen to pc, phone screen mirroring to pc, mirror android to pc, then you are landing on the right place.
Apowermirror gives you a free VIP account for 30 days. In the Apowermirror VIP account, you can capture your screen with internal audio very easily and if you want to know how to get its free VIP account activation key then you need to follow the below steps.

New method to get free VIP account of Apowermirror (100% verified)

There are two methods you can choose any one of them and get a free VIP Activation key of ApowerMirror for 30 days.

Method 1

How to get Free VIP Account Activation Key of ApowerMirror?

Step 1

Open any screen recorder app if you have iPhone or Android device then you can use an inbuilt screen recorder or use any other screen recorder app and start the recording (To record entire the installation of the Apowermirror App).
Get Free VIP Version of Apowermirror App

Step 2

If you are an iPhone user then open your Apple App Store or if you are an Android user then open Google Play Store on your smartphone and after that search with these keywords "Screen mirroring" and then scroll down and find the app named "ApowerMirror - Screen Mirroring for PC/TV/phone".
Get Free VIP Version of Apowermirror App

Step 3

Now install the Apowermirror app on your smartphone when the installation is done then turn off the recording and now you have to submit the recorded video of the entire installation process of the ApowerMirror App and then you have to go to the  Apowersoft official website for Submitting the Ticket.
Get Free VIP Version of Apowermirror App

Step 4

Now you have to Submit a Ticket to 'Apowersoft' Here is the to that Online ticket form: Click on the below link to open the 'Submit Ticket' form

  • In the Question Type section: choose the 'Other' option
  • In the Product section: choose the 'ApowerMirror' App option which will see in the mobile section.
  • In the Email section: you have to enter your email id and you have to create the Apowermirro account with the same id because the activation key will Validate with your email id.
  • In the Subject section: You can write "For VIP Activation Key" or "For Free VIP Activation Key"
  • In the Description section: Write whatever you want.
  • Click on the "+Add file" option and upload your Recorded video and then click on the 'Submit' button that's it. 
  • Now you have to wait almost 24 hours and he will send the VIP account activation Key on your email id.

You can see the below image as an example that how you have to fill the Ticket form.

How to mirror Android Screen to PC with internal Audio using Apowermirror 2021

  • You must have to Record a video of the installation of the ApowerMirror App after searching the "screen mirroring" keyword on your App store.
  • You must have to Submit the recorded video through "Submit a ticket".
  • You have to wait at least 24 hours after submitting your ticket to Apowersoft for Verification of your submitted video that you have followed all the process correctly or not, if everything will be right then you will he will send the VIP Activation key to your email id.
  • These VIP Activation Key will be valid until 1 month after activation

Method 2 ( or try this way)

This is the second method if you are unable to record your mobile screen then use this method and definitely, you will get a free VIP account of the ApowerMirror Application.

Step 1

First of all, open Google Play Store for Android users or Apple App Store for iOS users and download  ApowerMirror App and just give 5-Star Rating and take a screenshot of it with a 5-Star rating.

Step 2

When you take a screenshot of your rating, after that you have to submit a ticket on ApowerMirror's official site so that you can send your screenshot to the "ApowerSoft" for verification.

Step 3

After visiting on submit ticket page you have to fill in all the details. If you want to know to fill in the details then follow Step 4 from method 1 for submitting the ticket and you just have to upload your screenshot after clicking on the "+Add file" option and then click on the submit button and done. You have to wait for some time to get your VIP Activation key on your email id your key will be generated after verification. Watch the below video for the tutorial.

What is the advantage of using the VIP Account of ApowerMirror?

If you use its VIP Account, you will get these features:
  • Mirror Android and iOS devices
  • Mouse control for Android
  • Game Keyboard for Android (Customization supported)
  • Android call/ Messages notification
  • Record screen (No time limits)
  • Devices to mirror simultaneously (4 devices)
  • Full-screen display
  • Mirror PC to other devices (Mirror screen with Audio)
  • No ads or watermarks.

How to Mirror Android Screen to PC?

Step 1

First of all, Download the latest version of the Apowermirror Software from its official site and install it on your computer and your Android phone.

Step 2

Now you have to Create your Apowermirror Account on your computer and use your VIP activation key to get full feature access to Apowermirror Software.

Step 3

How to mirror Android Screen to PC with internal Audio

You can mirror your android phone using two methods one is through Wi-Fi and the second is Using a USB cable.
If you use Wi-Fi for mirroring then maybe you face some mirroring delay or lag but if you use a USB cable then it works perfectly. To mirror your android screen using the USB cable you have to enable the 'USB Debugging' option on your phone, to enable the USB Debugging feature go to the 'Developer mode' option and enable USB Debugging Option that's it and then connect your phone with PC using USB cable and allow some required permission which is important for screen mirroring and done. using this method you can easily mirror your screen and if you want to connect using wifi then Read the below article or watch the below video.

How to Mirror Android Screen using WiFi/USB

How to Strem Internal Audio of Android to PC?

If you use Apowermirror then you can mirror the android screen to your pc and you can record your gameplay video but you have to do one more thing to share your Mobile audio to your pc so that when you record your any Gameplay video then all in-game sound or the internal sound of your mobile phone also records a screen recording of your gameplay video. Now you have to share your phone sound to PC or Computer using Bluetooth that means if you are using any laptop then you have to connect your mobile phone over Wi-Fi with Apowermirror software will help you to mirror your android screen and over Bluetooth connectivity you can easily steam your internal audio to your Laptop when both connections have done then you can easily record your gameplay video with internal audio.
buy wifi bluetooth adapter for pc from amazon

But if you have a Desktop then there is no inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth feature as Laptop but don't worry if you have 2 in 1 WiFi and Bluetooth Adapter then you can connect your smartphone with your desktop easily without any USB connectivity error. After inserting this adapter into your desktop you will get all features that you can do with your Laptop's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

As you know that, In Samsung smartphones and Xiaomi or Redmi smartphones have an inbuilt feature of screen recording of any gameplay with internal audio but in Stock Android device for security and privacy purposes there is no option to record your internal sound using any screen recording application. So if you have an android device and there is no such option to record the only internal sound of your mobile device then use the Apowermirror application and follow some steps to record your gameplay video with internal Audio without any external noise. for more information watch both videos.


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