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Thursday, January 14, 2021

How to record google meet? | How to record a zoom meeting?

The Recording of Google meet or Zoom meeting is not easy for everyone because there is no direct option that gives you permission to record their meeting or any online class. but you can record the meeting which is on Google meet using G Suit but this feature is not for all participants who join the meeting this feature is only for admin but you don't worry here you will get to know that how to record any Google Meet meeting or online class so that you can easily watch again any meeting or online class in the future.
How to record google meet
Any meetings or Online classes that take place on 'Google Meet' or 'Zoom Meeting' is not stored on any server because of this you can't watch those meetings or classes again. If you miss the chance to join those meetings or classes.
The Only option you have that you have to record the meetings or classes so that you can watch them again.
If you are searching on google to find your solution like how to record a zoom meeting, how to record video in google meet, how to record meetings, how to record meeting on the computer, how to record video in google meet without G Suit, how to record the online class lecture then here is your answer with complete information.
Here is how you can record any important meeting or online class lecture on any platform.

How to record the meeting or Online Class video on the Computer?


First of all, you must have a Screen recorder like Wondershare Screen recorder because there is an option that you can record any video with system audio or with microphone audio because of this feature you can easily record your meeting without any background noise.

Step 2 

If you don't have a Wondershare screen recorder then you can download it from its official site. The Wondershare screen recorder name is "Wondershare FilmoraScrn" or "Wondershare Democreator" or if you use any Wondershare product like Filmora and AllMyTube etc. "Filmora" is a video editing software you can use its screen recording feature to capture your screen or use "AllMyTube" which gives you the option to capture any computer screen with internal audio as well as microphone audio. Wondershare's product is a premium product but you can download its pro version for free from the below links.

Wondershare DemoCreator (WondershareFilmoraScrn)


Wondershare Allmy Tube

AllMyTube is a lightweight software that comes with lots of features and screen recording is one of those features that will help you to capture your computer screen with internal audio. for more information you can watch the below video.

Step 3

Here I prefer Wondershare AllmyTube for screen recording because it is a very lightweight application and the size of this application is almost 40MB and it does not take more space during recording and you can run this app in windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 without any problem. 

Step 4

Now Open Wondershare AllMyTube then select Recording Option. and then click on the record icon.
How to record google meet

Step 5

Now select the area that you want to capture and then click on the record button after that your recording will start and then stop the recording when you think that it's done.
How to record google meet

[Watch this video for video tutorial]


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