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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Realme Smart Scale Launched in India - Know Everything about it

Realme Launched two Smart life accessories in India one is 'Realme LED Smart Bulb' and the other is 'Realme Smart Scale' in his launch event that was held on 24 March 2021. 
Realme Smart Scale Launched in India
Realme Smart Scale is a kind of fitness measurement device. Realme Smart Scale gadgets able to measure 16 types of Helth Measurement and you can track and analyze your health report in its app.

The list of 16 Types of Health Measurement:

1. Weight
2. Fat Rate
3. Body Shape
4. BMI (Body Mass Index)
5. Muscle Mass
6. Body Age
7. Basal Metabolism
8. Lean Body Weight
9. Moisture Rate
10. Muscle Rate
11. Visceral Fat Level
12. Skeletal Muscle
13. Bone Mass
14. Protein
15. Fat Mass
16. Heart Rate

Realme Link App will give you a customized health report after every use, so you can fully understand your body. You can easily visualize your health status and gather proper health advice to make a fitter you. (Realme Link App is currently available only on Android devices but soon will come for iOS.)

Realme Smart Scale can store multi-person health data profiles with an exclusive account for everyone. The health data of each family member can be accurately matched with their height, gender, and age so that the whole family can have a clear understanding of their health status.
Realme Smart Scale is equipped with advanced real-time heart rate information as you weigh yourself, allowing you to get more health information about yourself.

Realme Smart Scale features a high-precision BIA sensor that can obtain bio-current information in your body. Using Bioimpedance Analysis and advanced algorithms, calculates your body fat content, muscle content, and other information.

Realme Smart Scale comes in two different colors one is blue and the other is white. It has a hidden LED display for showing measurements and comes with a 6mm Enhanced Tempered Glass Cover and its weight capacity of up to 350kg.

Realme Smart Scale Specification:


Blue, White



Weight(without battery)


Bluetooth version


Weight Range

0.05kg to 150kg

Support System

At least Android 5.0



Battery Life (2 to 3 times per day)

360 Days

Realme Smart Scale comes in two different colors which are blue and white and its pricing is Rs.1,999. Realme Smart Scale's first sale will start on 30 March 2021 and you can buy this product from Flipkart or Realme Store

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