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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Enterprise Search Use Cases Quiz Questions and Answers

If you're seeking accurate answers to the Enterprise Search Use Cases Quiz, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of all the questions along with their corresponding answers.
Enterprise Search Use Cases Quiz

Enterprise Search Use Cases Quiz Questions and Answers

Q1. Choose the use case that cannot be satisfied with Enterprise Search

Option 1: Internal company search for employees to find relevant private information.

Option 2: Code search, where developers can paste a bug and Enterprise Search finds the piece of code that caused the issue.

Option 3: Build custom search engines without machine learning expertise.

Option 4: Public website search for end customers to better find answers stored in the different web pages such as company blogs and FAQs.

The Correct Answer for Q1 is Option 2

Q2. In which of the following scenarios should you use Enterprise Search? (Choose two).

Option 1: Improve developer productivity using code completion and code generation features.

Option 2: Improve existing search result experiences with LLM-based capabilities such as summarizing results.

Option 3: Quickly search and summarize your company’s annual compliance training videos and create study guides.

Option 4: You have machine learning expertise and want to tune and deploy foundation models directly into your applications.

Option 5: You lack the time to build a custom search system that is scalable and available.

The Correct Answer for Q2 is Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, Option 5

Q3. Why do business analysts choose Generative AI technologies like Enterprise Search?

Option 1: Improve time-to-value to search, navigate, and extract insights and understanding from large amounts of complex data

Option 2: Build rich apps and automated processes without writing a line of code.

Option 3: When coding, they want to reduce time from looking for code snippets online and copy-pasting them into their project.

Option 4: Customize large models and incorporate state of the art generative capabilities natively into their own internal ML operational platforms

The Correct Answer for Q3 is Option 1

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