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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

The Value of Data Quiz Answer

If you're seeking accurate answers to the Value of Data Quiz under Innovating with Data and Google Cloud, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of all the questions along with their corresponding answers.
The Value of Data Quiz Answer

The Value of Data Quiz Questions and Answers

Q1. What are the key benefits of using cloud technology to unlock value from data, especially for traditional Enterprises? Select the two correct answers.

Option 1: Businesses can access open source data like never before.
Option 2: Customers can collaborate with corporations to create industry trends.
Option 3: Businesses can query their data and retrieve results instantly.
Option 4: Businesses can process terabytes of data in real-time.
Option 5: Customers can now gain access to their own data instantly.

The Correct Answer for Q1 is Option 3, Option 4

Q2. Eduardo is using a machine learning model to improve recruitment efficiency for his company. What candidate data is appropriate and relevant for training the model? Select the two correct answers.

Option 1: Address
Option 2: Ethnicity
Option 3: Education
Option 4: Years of experience
Option 5: Gender

The Correct Answer for Q2 is Option 3, Option 4

Q3. Mark owns a large pharmaceutical company that manufactures essential medical supplies. The production lines are required to operate efficiently at all times. How can Mark use cloud technology to ensure his production lines are meeting optimal performance requirements? Select the correct answer.

Option 1: Evaluate real-time data to monitor competitor landscape
Option 2: Evaluate real-time data to predict maintenance requirements
Option 3: Evaluate historic data to inform new product development
Option 4: Evaluate consumer feedback to identify customer sentiment

The Correct Answer for Q3 is Option 2

Q4. Lucinda is creating a data map for her online learning company. Her datasets include learner demographics, their purchases, and browsing history. What data 'bucket' would these datasets fall into? Select the correct answer.

Option 1: Industry data
Option 2: Cloud data
Option 3: Corporate data
Option 4: User data

The Correct Answer for Q4 is Option 4

Q5. Images and videos are examples of what type of data? Select the correct answer.

Option 1: Structured
Option 2: Unstructured
Option 3: Organized
Option 4: Semi-structured

The Correct Answer for Q5 is Option 2

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