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Monday, November 20, 2023

Why Cloud Technology is Transforming Business Quiz Answer

If you're seeking accurate answers to the Why Cloud Technology is Transforming Business Quiz under the Digital Transformation with Google Cloud, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of all the questions along with their corresponding answers.

Why Cloud Technology is Transforming Business Quiz

Why Cloud Technology is Transforming Business Quiz Questions and Answers

Q1. An organization has a new application, and user subscriptions are growing faster than
on-premises infrastructure can handle. What benefit of the cloud might help them in this

Option 1: It provides physical access, so the organization can deploy servers faster.
Option 2: It's cost effective, so the organization will no longer have to pay for computing once the
app is in the cloud.
Option 3: It's scalable, so the organization could shorten their infrastructure deployment time.
Option 4: It's secure, so the organization won't have to worry about the new subscribers data.

The Correct Answer for Q1 is Option 3

Q2. What is the cloud?

Option 1: A metaphor for the networking capability of internet providers.
Option 2: A metaphor for a network of data centers.
Option 3: A Google product for computing large amounts of data.
Option 4: A Google product made up of on-premises IT infrastructure.

The Correct Answer for Q2 is Option 2

Q3. As the world and business changes, organizations have to decide between embracing new technology and transforming, or keeping their technology and approaches the same. What risks might an organization face by not transforming as their market evolves?

Option 1: Embracing new technology can cause organizations to overspend on innovation.
Option 2: Organizations risk losing market leadership if they spend too much time on digital transformation.
Option 3: Focusing on ‘why’ they operate can lead to inefficient use of resources and disruption.
Option 4: Focusing on ‘how’ they operate can prevent organizations from seeing transformation opportunities.

The Correct Answer for Q3 is Option 4

Q4. What is the benefit of implementing a transformation cloud that is based on open infrastructure?

Option 1: Open source software makes it easier to patent proprietary software.
Option 2: Open standards make it easier to hire more developers.
Option 3: Open source software reduces the chance of vendor lock-in.
Option 4: On-premises software isn't open source, so cloud applications are more portable.

The Correct Answer for Q4 is Option 3

Q5. Select the two capabilities that form the basis of a transformation cloud? Select two correct answers.

Option 1: Collaboration cloud ensures that the device a user connects with only works on the corporate network.
Option 2: Sustainable cloud ensures the costs of cloud resources are controlled to prevent budget overrun.
Option 3: Data cloud provides a unified solution to manage data across the entire data lifecycle.
Option 4: Open infrastructure gives the freedom to innovate by running applications in the place that makes the most sense.
Option 5: A trusted cloud gives control of all resources to the user to ensure high availability at all times.

The Correct Answer for Q5 is Option 3, 4

Q6. What is seen as a limitation of on-premises infrastructure, when compared to cloud infrastructure?

Option 1: Maintenance workers do not have physical access to the servers.
Option 2: Scaling processing is too difficult due to power consumption.
Option 3: The on-premises networking is more complicated.
Option 4: The on-premises hardware procurement process can take a long time.

The Correct Answer for Q6 is Option 4

Q7. An organization has made significant investments in their own infrastructure and has regulatory requirements for their data to be hosted on-premises. Which cloud implementation would best suit their needs?

Option 1: Public Cloud
Option 2: Private Cloud
Option 3: Platform as a service
Option 4: Software as a service

The Correct Answer for Q7 is Option 2

Q8. Select the definition of digital transformation.

Option 1: When an organization uses new digital technologies to create or modify financial models for how a business is run.
Option 2: When an organization uses new digital technologies to create or modify on-premises business processes.
Option 3: When an organization uses new digital technologies to create or modify technology infrastructure to focus on cost saving.
Option 4: When an organization uses new digital technologies to create or modify business processes, culture, and customer experiences.

The Correct Answer for Q8 is Option 4

Q9. Which item describes a goal of an organization seeking digital transformation?

Option 1: Ensure better security by decoupling teams and their data.
Option 2: Streamline their hardware procurement process to forecast at least a quarter into the future.
Option 3: Break down data silos and generate real-time insights.
Option 4: Reduce emissions by using faster networks in their on-premises workloads.

The Correct Answer for Q9 is Option 3

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