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Sunday, August 25, 2019

How to add Cards and End Screen Videos in YouTube Studio (Beta)

Now Officially Classic YouTube Studio is closed by YouTube and Release the New YouTube Studio ( Beta) for Every YouTube video creator.
In the new YouTube studio beta, the creator can easily monitor its YouTube channel Analytics. This Studio beta comes with a More and Interesting feature for Creator here Creator can easily monitor how many Subscribers click on the bell icon for new video's notification. and there are many more features available for every YouTube videos creator like in video editing section and now you can see whose subscribe your YouTube channel Recently and YouTube share more analytics data for your videos so that its creator can make more interesting content for his viewer.

How to add Cards and End Screen Promotion videos?

Step 1

Open the browser and sign in your YouTube account, Click on your Channel logo and then Click on YouTube Studio (beta).

Step 2 :

When you click on YouTube studio (beta) you will see a new YouTube Studio. Click on Videos Icon.

Step 3 :

After Click on the videos icon, you will see your all youtube videos which you have uploaded. Now select and click on those videos in which you want to add Cards and End Screen promotion videos.

Step 4 :

On that page, you will see Cards and End Screen Option (Scroll down).

Step 5

If you want to add in Cards click on the Cards option and then click on add cards after that you will see many options to promote your channel, your videos and you can create a poll for your viewer.

See this video for more Information

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