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Saturday, August 10, 2019

How to add Music Bot in Discord Server ?

Discord Music Bot is a Bot through which anyone can listen Songs/ Music on Voice channel Server.
If you want to add Music feature in your server you must add bot that is Rythm Bot.
 When you add bots on your server then you can get amazing features. These feature is one of them.

How to add Music Bot ?

Step 1 :  is a website where you can find all useful Bots of Discord Server.

How to add Music Bot

Step 2 :

I recommend you to use web browser to add Discord bots see video for more information.
Search Rythm Bot on Search bar and invite on your server. Before invite on your server, first login your Discord id in web browser.

Step 3 :

After invitation completed, to listen music first you must have to connect a voice channel and back then go to the text channel and enter the commands to some play music.

These is some useful commands to play music :
1. !p <Enter song name> or !play <Enter song name> for playing Music/ Songs.
2. !stop for Stop playing song.
3. !skip for Skip the current playing music.

   -: see this video for more information :-

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