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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Google Launches Tangi a Short Form Video App to take on TikTok

Google has been Launching a Short video platform named "Tangi" App and it will be the best alternative of the TikTok app in upcoming days. Tangi App is a Short Video App like a TikTok App. In Tangi App, you can create a video of the length up to 15 Sec to 60 Sec like TikTok Application. 
As you know that the Chinese Video Streaming platform TikTok has become a very popular Entertainment App and lots of people loved to use an
Google Launches Tangi a Short Form Video App to take on TikTok
app because of its user-friendly UI. In Today's date, TikTok has a huge number of content creators because of its ease to create a short video in various categories but Now Google has been Joined the Race in Short Video Content Market. In Tangi App, All features are available as same as TikTok App but the motive of the "Tangi app" that helps people with How-to videos, Learn something new and share their creativity with this app so that people can inspire and do some creative things. Tangi inspires people to try creative projects like art, DIY, Cooking, Fashion, and beauty. The Videos are vertically oriented on your phone.
In Tangi App, there is a "Try it" Feature where you can share back re-creations of what you made e.g. if you are watching any cooking video or other video and you made something new after watching that video then you can share an image of your creation with the creator by "Try it" Feature. This feature looks like the comment box but it's a little bit different from it. In the "Try it" you can share anything that you made with pictures but in the comment section, you can't share your thought with the pictures. This is the main difference between the "Try it" feature and its "Comment box" feature and this is the only feature that makes the "Tangi App" different from the "TikTok App".
Google Launches Tangi a Short Form Video App to take on TikTok
Tangi Application comes under the Area 120 Project. Area 120 is a workshop for Google's experimental products.
Tangi App is in the beta stage right now and this application is only available for platform in the present time but it will not be limited to iOS, it will also be coming soon in Android.
If you are an iOS user then you can use this app or you can also use Tangi with its web version but in present, you can create a Tangi account but you can't share any videos or upload any videos because this application is in the testing phase. Once the testing will complete then this application will release for everyone.
To use Tangi App you must have iOS 11.0 or later version and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. 

(Click Here) to Download Tangi App for iOS

If you don't have an iOS device and want to create your account on the "Tangi App" then you can go with its web version from where you can create an account on Tangi App with your Gmail id.

Here is the Official link:

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