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Monday, April 12, 2021

Have you got the call from this +919311078218 number? This is the Cyber Fraud, Don't Fall into his trap

As fast as technology is growing, you will also have to increase your knowledge and get updated with the latest information. Because all the fraudsters and scammers are always trying to steal your money fraudulently. Uses new methods, they will use your own personal information data against you so that you can easily trust them because when a cyber fraudster calls you regarding your any financial insurance, winning a huge amount of lottery ticket, and giving you a huge unexpected discount offer on any products, etc. just ignore everything.
Have you got the call from this +919311078218 number?
I actually do not know how they collect confidential information from the trusted insurance company or any other sources because recently a person got scammed by a fraudster and here I am sharing his identity with you because I don't want this person whose name "Ram Kisan Gautam. Hydrabad" (name shows by Truecaller App) and his mobile number is this +919311078218 cheated you again. If you get the call from this number on your number and says "I am a Government servant at IDRAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) Hyderabad" then don't trust this person, he will try to build their trust in you and will tell you how helpful this man is. And when your trust is built on this person, then he will demand some money for doing your work as a security fee for your insurance claim and he will say I will not take any money from you and I have a very good carrier and all that thing so that you can easily trust him.
And right from here, the whole matter starts to deteriorate. The way in which you start showing your address to him, he started taking advantage of your trust and starts trying to get money out of you.
Whenever you go to do something about which you have no idea, then you can easily become a victim of some such person.
He will tell you that if you want to get information about him, then you can search on Google and friend, let me tell you what Google shows you the results on searching anything, it shows search results from the blogs written by people like us.

If you are a Truecaller use or using the Truecaller app then go to the search bar and type this number +919311078218 and +919873230745 and report this both number as spam and suggest its name with "Scammer" so that when this person call any other innocent people and they use Truecaller app they will get alert with this fraud person. This person is not alone he has a big group of scammers/ fraudsters.
Have you got the call from this +919311078218 number?

Here is some information about this fraudster that will help you in verification when you search for any similar query on Google.

1. Fraudster's Mob. No.: +91 9311078218 (Ram Kisan Gautam. Hydrabad - maybe its fake name), +91 9873230745 (Hanuman Prasad - maybe its fake name)

2. Fraudster's Email id: [email protected] (This is a fake email id anyone can easily create such ID on Gmail for free)

3. Fraudster's Bank Account Details:
Here I am sharing his bank account number and IFSC code so that when you search it on Google you will get the correct information about this Fraudster's and after that, you will get the right information and don't send any amount to this bank account otherwise you will never get your money back.

*Do not transfer your hard-earned money to this Fraudster's bank account at all*

Fraudster's First Bank Account:

A/c No.: 6970394701
IFSC code: IDIB000S211

Fraudster's Second Bank Account:

A/c No.: 3717385372
IFSC code: CBIN0282980
District: BAREILLY
Branch: NISOI

*Do not transfer your hard-earned money to this Fraudster's bank account at all*

If you know about any such incident then whatever information you have, share with me on my Instagram (@naviera101) id and I will share the same information on this website that will help people to identify that fraudster when someone searches on google for any inquiry about any fraudster after that people will get alert and this will help to avoid their losses.

How to secure yourself from Cyber Fraud?

1. Never respond to messages from unverified sources
2. One can not win a lottery without buying tickets
3. Companies will not call/ SMS For Cashback, If its there will get credited automatically
4. Bank/ Mobile companies can't block an account/service for 24 hours in the pretext of KYC Update
5. Counter your fear Psychosis, Ask bank/Police, Bealeart
6. Never Download Remote access applications such as Teamviewer, Anydesk, Airdroid, etc.

Tips for you: If you get a call from any scammer for any purpose then you start call recording all keep taking record of all conversation it will help you for evidence against any fraud person and you can easily file a case against fraudster in your nearest police station. 

Where to report for this type of cyberfraud?

You can report any cyberfraud using the internet  on the Government's official website which name is "National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal"


For Online Safty Tips

You can Visit Govt's Official Site:


Read E-book on Cyber Safety Tips for more knowledge:


The Internet has become one of an integral part of our daily life. It has transformed the way we communicate, make friends, share updates, play games, and shop. They are impacting most aspects of our day-to-day life.
Cyberspace connects us virtually with crores of online users across the globe. With the increasing use of cyberspace, cybercrimes especially against women and children such as cyberstalking, cyberbullying, cyber harassment, child pornography, rape content, etc. are also increasing rapidly.

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