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Saturday, April 3, 2021

How to enable Border light in any smartphone?

If you want to give your smartphone a cool look and you want to show off a little, that your phone is different from others' phone.
How to enable Border light in any smartphone?
So here you are going to know about an application due to which you can change the look of your smartphone and if you want to know how to enable the border light in any smartphone then follow the below steps and after that, you can easily enable edge/ border light colors in any smartphone.

How to enable border light in any smartphone?

Step 1

First of all, you have to download an application from the google play store named "Edge Lighting Colors - Edge live wallpaper". This Application is very popular with 10M+ download on Google Play Store.

How to enable Border light in any smartphone?

Step 2

After downloading this app, just open this app and now you have to do some settings in it so that you can enable the border light effect.

Step 3

When you will open this app you will get to see 10 default different theme options in the "Theme Template" section which comes with different animation effects. Which theme you want to use just tap on it and give the name of it here you can type any name and then tap on the "OK, Creative" option.

Step 4

Here you will get to see lots of settings like 
  • Border Colors
  • Run Style
  • Border Styles
  • Background
  • Border Settings

Border Colors:

In the Border Colors option, you can choose those colors which you want to see on the border. Some default theme has more than 2 or 3 border-color choices you can change the theme color here or if you want more colors option then change theme selection at the starting. like Default theme 1 has more than 6 color selection option and the other theme have less color selection option you can choose according to your need.

Run Style:

In the Run Style option, you can change the border color animation effect.

Border Style:

In the Border Style option, you can change the border look. There are 1000+ Border style options available. In this section, you will get to see different categories like Default, Emoji, Emoji Outline, Halloween, Hero Love, Noel, Sticker, Vegetable, and Zodiac.


In the Background option, you will see three options which are Color, wallpaper, and Photo. In the Color option, you can set any solid color as a wallpaper of your mobile screen. In the Wallpaper option when you tap on it then it will select your current wallpaper and apply the border-color effect on it or if you want to change your wallpaper then select photo option and choose those photo which you want to set as wallpaper.

Border Settings:

In the Border Settings option, you will see the customization option. There are Animation Speed, Border Size, Radius Top, and the Radius button available that will help you to customize the border light effect.
If you are using such a smartphone that has some notch or Hole or Infinity Display then you can another option which is at the bottom of the background settings section.

Step 5 

When you have done everything then tap on the Create button and your border light will be set successfully on your smartphone screen.

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