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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Financial Governance and Managing Cloud Costs Quiz Answers

If you're seeking accurate answers to the Financial Governance and Managing Cloud Costs Quiz, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of all the questions and their corresponding answers.

Financial Governance and Managing Cloud Costs

Financial Governance and Managing Cloud Costs Quiz Questions and Answers

Q1. Why is it a benefit that the Google Cloud resource hierarchy follows inheritance and propagation rules?

Option 1: Inheritance in the hierarchy reduces the overall cost of cloud computing.

Option 2: Permissions set at higher levels of the resource hierarchy are automatically inherited by lower-level resources.

Option 3: Resources at lower levels can improve the performance of cloud applications.

Option 4: Faster propagation can simplify a cloud migration.

The Correct Answer for Q1 is Option 2

Q2. Which term describes a centralized hub within an organization composed of a partnership across finance, technology, and business functions?

Option 1: Hub center

Option 2: Competency center

Option 3: Center of Innovation

Option 4: Center of excellence

The Correct Answer for Q2 is Option 4

Q3. Which represents the lowest level in the Google Cloud resource hierarchy?

Option 1: Organization node

Option 2: Projects

Option 3: Folders

Option 4: Resources

The Correct Answer for Q3 is Option 4

Q4. Which offers a reactive method to help you track and understand what you’ve already spent on Google Cloud resources and provide ways to help optimize your costs?

Option 1: Resource usage

Option 2: Cost forecasting

Option 3: Google Cloud Pricing Calculator

Option 4: Cloud billing reports

The Correct Answer for Q4 is Option 4

Q5. Which feature lets you set limits on the amount of resources that can be used by a project or user?

Option 1: Committed use discounts

Option 2: Billing reports

Option 3: Invoicing limits

Option 4: Quota policies

The Correct Answer for Q5 is Option 4

Q6. Which Google Cloud tool lets you estimate how changes to cloud usage will affect costs?

Option 1: Cloud Monitoring

Option 2: Google Cloud Pricing Calculator

Option 3: Cloud Trace

Option 4: Cloud Billing

The Correct Answer for Q6 is Option 2

Q7. Which feature lets you set alerts for when cloud costs exceed a certain limit?

Option 1: Cost forecasting

Option 2: Budget threshold rules

Option 3: Cost optimization recommendations

Option 4: Billing reports

The Correct Answer for Q7 is Option 2

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