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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Operational Excellence and Reliability at Scale Quiz

If you're seeking accurate answers to the Operational Excellence and Reliability at Scale Quiz, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of all the questions and their corresponding answers.

Operational Excellence and Reliability at Scale Quiz

Operational Excellence and Reliability at Scale Quiz Questions and Answers

Q1. What does the Cloud Profiler tool do?

Option 1: It counts, analyzes, and aggregates the crashes in running cloud services in real-time.

Option 2: It identifies how much CPU power, memory, and other resources an application uses.

Option 3: It collects and stores all application and infrastructure logs.

Option 4: It provides a comprehensive view of your cloud infrastructure and applications.

The Correct Answer for Q1 is Option 2

Q2. Google Cloud’s operations suite provides a comprehensive set of monitoring, logging, and diagnostics tools. Which tool collects latency data from applications and provides insights into how they’re performing?

Option 1: Cloud Logging

Option 2: Cloud Trace

Option 3: Cloud Profiler

Option 4: Cloud Monitoring

The Correct Answer for Q2 is Option 2

Q3. Which Google Cloud Customer Care support level is designed for enterprises with critical workloads and features the fastest response time?

Option 1: Basic Support

Option 2: Standard Support

Option 3: Premium Support

Option 4: Enhanced Support

The Correct Answer for Q3 is Option 3

Q4. Whose job is to ensure the reliability, availability, and efficiency of software systems and services deployed in the cloud?

Option 1: Site reliability engineer

Option 2: Cloud architect

Option 3: Cloud security engineer

Option 4: DevOps engineer

The Correct Answer for Q4 is Option 1

Q5. Which metric shows how well a system or service is performing?

Option 1: Service level agreements

Option 2: Service level indicators

Option 3: Service level objectives

Option 4: Service level contracts

The Correct Answer for Q5 is Option 2

Q6. How does replication help the design of resilient and fault-tolerant infrastructure and processes in a cloud environment?

Option 1: It monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules.

Option 2: It scales infrastructure to handle varying workloads and accommodate increased demand.

Option 3: It creates multiple copies of data or services and distributes them across different servers or locations.

Option 4: It duplicates critical components or resources to provide backup alternatives.

The Correct Answer for Q6 is Option 3

Q7. Why is escalating a support ticket not always the best course of action when trying to resolve an issue?

Option 1: It may disrupt the workflow of the Customer Care team and lead to delays in other cases.

Option 2: It can increase the monthly cost of support plans.

Option 3: It can result in increased power consumption, impacting carbon neutrality.

Option 4: It may reduce the number of available virtual machines.

The Correct Answer for Q7 is Option 1

Q8. One of the four golden signals is latency. What does latency measure?

Option 1: System failures or other issues.

Option 2: How close to capacity a system is.

Option 3: How long it takes for a particular part of a system to return a result.

Option 4: How many requests reach a system.

The Correct Answer for Q8 is Option 3

Q9. Which of these measures should be automated on a regular basis and stored in geographically separate locations to allow for rapid recovery from disasters or failures?

Option 1: Backups

Option 2: Security patches

Option 3: Inventory data

Option 4: Log files

The Correct Answer for Q9 is Option 1

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